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Graduate Photography Online 2011
Graduate Photography Online 2011
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Submission Guidelines for Graduate Photography Online 2011

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Promote your BA graduate work
via the Source magazine website.

It's easy to put up your own web site, but it's difficult to attract the right audience.
The Source website has an established readership that includes curators, picture editors, and those active in contemporary photography.

We provide:

A Showcase of Your Work:

5 images and a brief text introduction, your contact details and a link to your own website. The work is arranged by course group and remains on the Source site permanently. This makes it accessible long after the week of your graduate exhibition. The site is also searchable by genre making it easier for people to locate particular types of work.

Excellent Value:

•  Value for money at 26 per student.*

•  This includes a free one year subscription to Source
   (4 issues of the magazine normally costs 21).

•  A regular e-bulletin with photography opportunities after you graduate.
   This provides you with a post-university lifeline to photography.


          Value for money at €31 per student.
          This includes a free one year subscription to Source
          (4 issues of the magazine normally costs normally €24)

      *International (USA / World):

         •  Option 1: Includes a subscription to Source, 4 issues, $48 (normally $57).

         •  Option 2: No subscription, online service only $20.

Curators Introductory Selection:

To introduce the BA section we have invited four curators to make a selection of material from all the BA submissions.

•  Susan Bright, Independent writer; Lecturer and Curator.

•  Tanya Kiang, Director and Trish Lambe, Projects Manager - Gallery of Photography.

•  Anne McNeill, Director of Impressions Gallery.

These will be posted online along with a selection by the Source editors.


•  Source promotes Graduate Photography Online directly to picture editors and curators.

•  The site will include a listing with details of your Graduate exhibition venue and dates.

•  A full page ad in Source Magazine listing all participating courses.


•  Minimum of 10 students per course.

•  Select a lead student and reserve a place now for your
   year group by emailing:

•  Due to the Easter break the final submission deadline has now been extended to Friday 13th May 5.30 pm.

For the 13th of May

Each student needs to supply 5 screen resolution jpegs. Each jpeg should be scaled so that it is 600 pixels along it's longest dimension (i.e. for portrait format 600 pixels high, for landscape format 600 pixels wide). Images must be saved as jpegs. We cannot include video clips.

In addition each student must provide a Word document
containing the following details:

1.  Student's name.

2.  A single paragraph of text about their work, not more 120 words in length.

3.  Which category is your work best described by? You will be able to select from a list of categories and this will be used as an additional search function along with your course listing.

4.  Telephone contact details.

5.  Email address (We will email you after you graduate to get a postal address where we can send your free Source subscription).

6.  Personal website address (optional).

Lead Student Responsibilities:

The above material needs to be submitted via our Online Submission Facility. The Submission Facility will be made available for use in March 2011. We will email you with the relevant instructions closer to that time.

The following details must also be submitted:

1.  Name of University and Degree Course.

2.  University / Degree Course website address.

3.  Venue(s) dates and times of Graduate Exhibition.

Payment must be included and be by a single cheque or postal order or through PayPal. The cost for Graduate Photography Online is 26 (€31) per student. A minimum of ten students are required to sign up from each course.

Cheques should be posted, recorded delivery, to:

PO BOX 352,
BT1 2WB.

If you have any initial enquiries email:

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