Online 2018

An online profile of your work which will remain a permanent part of the Source website:

  • Individual web page comprising eight of your images and a brief text introduction.
  • Your contact details and a link to your own website.
  • A listing for your course with details of your Graduate exhibition venue, date and times.
  • The work is arranged by course group and remains on the Source site permanently - so it's accessible long after you graduate.
  • Searchable by genre to enable audiences to locate work.

Special Introductory Selections:

To introduce the project, every year Source commissions a number of respected figures from the photography industry to make a selection of material from all the submissions. The Selectors' choices will be published in a printed 10-page supplement which will be distributed with the magazine.

BA Introductory Selections by:

MA/MFA Introductory Selections by:

Supported by Park Communications:

Source promotes Graduate Photography Online across different platforms and media:

  • Press Release sent to our database of Picture Editors and Gallery Curators.
  • Prominent link on the Source website home page.
  • Via Source's Twitter (@sourcephoto), which has over 34,000 followers.
  • Via the Source Facebook Page.
  • A full-page Graduate Photography Online ad in Source Magazine.

Value for money:

Value for money at £33.00 per student - which also includes a free one year subscription to the digital edition of Source (4 issues of the magazine normally costs £17.99).