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Careers In Photography

A series of short interviews profiling some of the different career paths available within the world of photography.

Careers In Photography: 24 / Mar / 2015
‘Heritage Photographer’
Tony Corey

What does your job entail day to day in a normal week? / The one thing I would say is that, there is not an average day or week, so I’ll lay out a week. Monday: (AM) Team meetings/briefs. (PM) Fix in place the schedule for the weeks work, contact all those who need to be contacted and lay out all equipment needed, charge any batteries or power sources, print out maps and any other paperwork required. Tuesday: Leave home 6.30am for 2 hour drive to Airport, meet pilot and go over flight plan for the day, (with some archaeological sites, aerial photographs of can provide much more information than those images taken from the ground). Change into warm clothing and extra layers, take flight and shoot for two hours. Return to office and download all imagery and check. Recharge batteries, clean lenses used and sensor if required. . . [ Full Article ▸]

Careers In Photography - Heritage Photographerby TonyCorey

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Careers In Photography: 12 / Mar / 2015
‘Senior Curator’
Karen Downey

What does your job entail day to day in a normal week? / My job is to devise and develop an exhibitions policy and annual programme of exhibitions for Belfast Exposed Gallery. On a day-to-day basis, I might be researching artists’ work, liaising with a photographer on anything from concept development to installation design. I am also responsible for writing the exhibition-related texts, including exhibition texts, marketing material and press releases. / What are the roles of the key people you work with? / The other key role at Belfast Exposed is that of ‘Curator and Gallery Manager’. This person is mainly responsible for the technical, logistical and administrative aspects of the exhibition programme. Belfast Exposed also runs a paid internship for University of Ulster graduates, so we have a Gallery Intern who supports the other gallery staff. Their main role is make sure the gallery is open and welcoming and that the exhibitions are invigilated. They also manage the day-to-day running of the volunteer programme. . . [ Full Article ▸]

Careers In Photography - Senior Curatorby KarenDowney

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Careers In Photography: 24 / Mar / 2015
‘Assistant Photographer’
Al Higgins

What does your job entail day to day in a normal week? / Everything changes from week to week - I tend to spend one week of every month on a travel assignment which could be anywhere from the west of Ireland to the west coast of America. The rest of the month is mostly based in Dublin, where it's a good mix of actually taking photographs, meeting agencies to show work, talking to other creatives about current projects or at my desk post processing images. / What do you have to know about? / Starting out as an assistant, knowing the basics of what lighting gear is or does is a great help, but you can always ask questions. If you don't know how to do something you've been asked, being honest about it is the best way to learn. As a photographer, you'll have learned skills from working with other photographers as an assistant, such as learning how to coordinate your schedule, talk to clients, as well as know your style and how you would like to go about photographing a commission. . . [ Full Article ▸]

Careers In Photography - Assistant Photographerby AlHiggins

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Careers In Photography: 24 / Mar / 2015
Elizabeth Kirwan

What does your job entail day to day in a normal week? / Most of my day to day work is about managing a National cultural resource. This includes: Preservation of and enabling access to the NPA's collection of 5.2m photos. Housing, listing, cataloguing and digitisation of the NPA collections. Staff, volunteer and intern management. The NPA building and security. Overseeing NPA Reader Services including reprographics. Devising and implementing the NPA exhibition programme. Managing NPA external relationships: exhibitors, interns, volunteers, local authorities and most importantly, NPA collection Donors, and sponsors. I also promote the NPA through outreach activities including lectures, interviews, opening exhibitions, keynote international conference addresses, etc. / What are the roles of the key people around you? / Preserving and securing the NPA collections. Rehousing, listing and cataloguing the NPA Collections. Running the NPA's Reader Services programme. Digitisation of NPA collections. . . [ Full Article ▸]

Careers In Photography - Curatorby ElizabethKirwan

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Careers In Photography: 24 / Mar / 2015
‘Picture Editor’
Frank Miller

What does your job entail day to day in a normal week? / As somebody said to me a very long time ago there is no such thing as normal in this business. I think that's what makes it interesting and in an ideal world keeps newspapers, and their online versions fresh. The clue I guess is in the New part of Newspaper. My role as picture editor is to make The Irish Times as visually interesting and relevant to our readers as possible. This involves commissioning photographers and sourcing pictures from around Ireland and the world via our staff photographers, local freelances and major agencies. We have contracts with the major news agencies such as Reuters, Getty etc to provide us with picture feeds daily. Typically we get about 5,000 plus new images a day and on our live system have about 120,000 pictures accessible to us for use at any one time. We have several million archived images also. It takes a fair bit of work to sift through all these images to find the good ones and in particular the ones relevant to each days mix of news. The trick is to find fresh images and avoid as far as possible repeating visual clichés. . . [ Full Article ▸]

Careers In Photography - Picture Editorby FrankMiller

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Careers In Photography: 24 / Mar / 2015
‘Freelance Photographer’
Paul Murphy

What does your job entail day to day in a normal week? / A working week for a freelance for a freelance photographer does not always mean actually working to earn money. During an average week in an average year maybe only one day will be spent actually earning a living. The rest of that week is generally given over to the challenge of finding that work. There are many different ways that this achieved. Here are some of the tasks that are important in order to have a career as an advertising photographer. The first and most important is my product, which are my photographs. Without these I would not be able to describe my ability to potential employers. My photographs show my experience and skill within a certain area of advertising photography. So part of my week has to be given over to making new images so that I keep my 'shop front' looking fresh and appealing to prospective clients. So it is very important to get out there with your camera and make images because it is these images and the experience gained from making them that will take you to the next step of your career. . . [ Full Article ▸]

Careers In Photography - Freelance Photographerby PaulMurphy

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Careers In Photography: 24 / Mar / 2015
‘Unit Photographer’
Helen Sloan

What does your job entail day to day in a normal week? / The job of Unit photographer (on Thrones specifically) spans several different areas. The first, and most important is scene coverage. Then there are the 'specials' - portraits of individual cast members in my photo studio, used for posters or merchandising. Although the job isn’t just "shoot-the-takes-technical" - I do get to be creative and interpret the show in my own way. And then there's behind the scenes documentary. So basically, it's my job to shoot everything. Ha! The quantity of material is huge. Then there's the editing, retouching and colouring (grading), meta tagging the cast and crew before the pictures go off to NYC. This gig is all encompassing for me – and right from the first day of shooting on the pilot, I was completely hooked. I was given the opportunity to shape a style for the show photography. That's an amazing gift for any photographer. . . [ Full Article ▸]

Careers In Photography - Unit Photographerby HelenSloan

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Careers In Photography: 24 / Mar / 2015
‘Medical Photographer’
Melanie Yeneralski

What does your job entail day to day in a normal week? / My Job is guided by a staff rota that covers areas of Clinical photography (studio, wards, emergency and operating theatres), Ophthalmic imaging, pathology, video and PR photography. We have a great team spirit at the Media Studio, we are lucky to be able to cover so many types of photography and video within our roles. / How do you decide what makes a good photograph? / Depending on the request whether it's clinical or PR related, I would make sure I have the required equipment, the correct exposure set and the best light source to clearly illustrate the image, for example if it's a medical image, a deep cavity in the body during a theatre request would be best photographed using a ring flash, this attaches to the end of the lens for me to obtain shadow-less images. The surgeon is then able to clearly document surgical techniques. . . [ Full Article ▸]

Careers In Photography - Medical Photographerby MelanieYeneralski

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