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Source Magazine: Thinking Through Photography - Current Issue

Source Photographic Review – Call for new work.

As part of research for future issues, Source will be organising in person and zoom meetings with photographers to look at new photographic work. Each meeting provides an opportunity to introduce directly new work to one of the editors. This is one way Source finds new work for publication in the Portfolio section of the magazine. There is no fee to submit or attend.

If you are interested in attending you should email a PDF or Powerpoint with up to 10 images and contained within it up to three paragraphs of text that give a background to your new work along with your name, contact phone number and web address. Files must be no more than 30 MB.

* In the subject line of the email please specify: Dublin, Belfast, Zoom *

Email Submissions to:

Initial submission deadline: Friday 1st March 2024.
Photo Museum Ireland (open to anyone in Ireland) 29th March 2024. In partnership with Photo Museum Ireland.
Source Office Belfast (open to anyone in Northern Ireland) 30th March 2024.
By Zoom (open to anyone from UK or Ireland) 5th April 2024.

We will acknowledge all submissions by email. We will shortlist submissions and then let everyone know our decisions by email. We will meet 8 people each day for 30 minutes to discuss new projects.

What are we looking for?

Source publishes a wide range of material - samples of previously published work can be viewed in the online archive. We are looking for new, previously unpublished bodies of photographic work (unpublished can include artist's books in editions of less than 200 or a few images published elsewhere).

To give us focus, Source only publishes work made in the UK or Ireland - or by photographers from the UK or Ireland - on its portfolio pages. International work is covered through our book and exhibition reviews.

Exhibition and Book Reviews:

If you have a forthcoming exhibition in the UK or Ireland or a book that you would like us to consider for review please email an initial press release to:

Portfolio Day

Writing Prize:

We are always looking for new writers to contribute to Source. If you've not written for Source before we invite you to send us an article. If we like it we will either publish it or commission you to write articles for us in the future. As an incentive we will give £500 to the person whose article we like the best.

Most of the writing in Source takes a specific form: book reviews, exhibition reviews or texts introducing sets of pictures, so these would be good models to follow. But we are also interested in others forms of writing so if you want to submit something in a different form then please do. Our interest in photography is not only about the photographs that appear in books and exhibitions, it touches most aspects of life and we like to read about those encounters too. This could be an article about a particular photograph of historical, aesthetic or biographical interest to you. It could be about some cultural or philosophical aspect of photography. It could be something we've not thought about.

We enjoy writing that is thoughtful, funny, well researched and surprising. It could be personal or dispassionate. It could be fun, or deadly serious. It might shed new light on something we thought we knew or introduce us to something we've never heard of before.

The rules:

1. You should not have written for Source before.
2. The article must be no more than 700 words.
3. The article should not have been published previously.
4. It should include your name and contact email.
5. It should be submitted by 5.30pm (GMT) on the 1st August 2023.

What will happen next:

Everything submitted will be read by Source editor Richard West. The articles he likes will also be read by the other members of the Source staff. The Source staff will collectively choose the winner. We will aim to reply to everyone who has submitted an article by the 20th September (depending on how many submissions there are and how busy we are). We may ask you about your article but we probably won't be able to enter into correspondence about it.

To enter please complete the two online forms listed below. Instructions on how to submit your article can be found at the top of the (optional) Equality and Diversity Monitoring Questionnaire.

Source Writing Prize Entry Form 2023 ▸

Source Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form ▸

Source Magazine: Thinking Through Photography - Writing Prize