Flea Market Photobooks

A series of reviews in which we hunt down and peruse the worthy, sometimes quirky, oft-forgotten treasures of the second hand photobook market.

Flea Market Photobooks: 20 / Feb / 2020
‘How it Works: The Camera’
Reviewed by Annebella Pollen

“There's something delightfully ironic about a fully-illustrated book on photography where every single image is meticulously hand-painted...”

Flea Market Photobooks - How it Works: The CameraReviewed by AnnebellaPollen

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Flea Market Photobooks: 04 / Feb / 2020
‘Marvellous World of Shells’
Reviewed by Annebella Pollen

“The emergence of shell-bearing molluscs, the opening line of the book declares, was one of the first stages in the evolution of the animal world...”

Flea Market Photobooks - Marvellous World of ShellsReviewed by AnnebellaPollen

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