In Development

In which we ask artists to talk us through a photographic project still in its early stages of development. Focusing on a single image, detailing sources of inspiration and any hopes for the future debut of the work.

In Development: 13 / Apr / 2021
‘Fiona Filipidis’
by Susanna Galbraith

I took this image in my brother’s house in Comporta - a small Portuguese fishing village - on the 6th May 2020, which just so happens to be my brother’s birthday. I left London at the very start of lockdown to be with my family and ended up staying in Portugal for 6 months. I began taking pictures randomly then as a means of passing time and staying creative. I took this one about a month in; I was still experimenting then. . . [ Full Article ▸]

In Development - Fiona Filipidisby SusannaGalbraith

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In Development: 08 / Mar / 2021
‘Robert Darch’
by Susanna Galbraith

I took these photographs during the first lockdown, just outside of Exeter, Devon, where I live. I used my daily exercise to cycle up to the tree on a hill, just to the south of the city. I hadn’t planned to start a project during lockdown. Instead I wanted to use the time to catch up with editing finished work and to take a break. I was just drawn to the tree, so started taking pictures of it. It became a new positive routine, cycling up to the tree each day. . . [ Full Article ▸]

In Development - Robert Darchby SusannaGalbraith

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In Development: 08 / Feb / 2021
‘Yvette Monahan’
by Susanna Galbraith

This image was taken at our back door as the sunlight streamed in on some cobwebs. It is one of those scenes that I walk by every day, but on that particular day, the way the light caught the cobweb stopped me in my tracks. It is part of a new body of work called 'A Revolution of Stardust', which examines the cosmic every day. One morning, I looked in the sink at a pattern created by coffee grinds. On closer viewing, it resembled a moonscape. I started to see images close at hand that mirrored the universe. The water drops on the shower door took on meteoric qualities. Cobwebs assumed the form of entire galaxies. . . [ Full Article ▸]

In Development - Yvette Monahanby SusannaGalbraith

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