Views from Flat 15-5, Block 9
 Michèle Lazenby

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Issue 11 Spring Summer 1997
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I really enjoy being physically present within the body of the camera. Slowly your eyes get accustomed to the darkness and then you begin to be able to make out the shapes that are projected onto the walls and ceiling. You are able to see the way light travels, the way it reflects off objects outside and projects to form an (upside down) image, distorting at the peripheries.

The lengthy exposure times involved - sometimes hours - help to make the process quite meditative. It is possible to see cars moving by so quickly that they will never be recorded in the photograph.

  Views from Flat 15-5, Block 9 by Michèle Lazenby

  Views from Flat 15-5, Block 9 by Michèle Lazenby