Issue 13 — Autumn Winter 1997

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Issue 13 — Autumn Winter  1997
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In this issue we celebrate Paul Seawright's achievement in winning this year's Glen Dimplex Artists Award for his exhibition Inside Information at the Gallery of Photography in Dublin. Based on unprecedented access to the RUC's operations over a prolonged period these works take a 'behind the scenes' look at the organisations inner workings. We are proud to accompany the photographs with a specially commissioned work from the poet Ciaran Carson, a feature unique to Source. We hope you enjoy this first opportunity to appreciate both these particular pieces together.

The images by Norma Burrowes are a sample from her forthcoming projection work in Belfast as part of the Queen's University Festival. Burrowes was commissioned by Source to make projections of her photographs onto the windows of our office block. Running in the evenings the back projected images will flood out into Botanic Avenue providing a very public showing of the photographs for passers by. Source hopes that further projects of a similar kind will occur in the future.

Frankie Quinn has been working regularly as a photojournalist in Belfast with his images appearing regularly in the local press. Gilles Peress, the internationally acclaimed photojournalist, commented recently of Quinn's long term documentary project, The Short Strand, that the photographer recorded life there 'with great photographic skill' and that the community has 'accepted him and his passion for photography'. Quinn is now in the process of seeking further funding by which to publish his complete sequence of images, spanning as they do a ten year period.

David Barker's first passion is for photography, even though he is perhaps better known here for his work as a documentary film cameraman over the last 20 years. Barker has during this time returned regularly to the still image, often shooting monochrome stills alongside digital video footage. The Last Accordion Band, his latest project, goes beyond the usual media representation of 'blood and thunder' machismo in order to examine a family band run by women who also teach their children to play.

This issue of the magazine also coincides with the first publication of Source on the Internet. We can be found on the web at www.sourcemagazine.demon.co.uk

In combination with our subscription drive in the United States we hope to extend the contacts we have made with the wider photographic community. In keeping with this we would like to thank all who contributed to the first of our Portfolio Review Days in Dublin and Belfast. This provided us with a great opportunity to meet photographers and look at a wide variety of images. The interest shown by those who participated is proof of photography's vitality in Ireland.

— John Duncan