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by Andrea Frank

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Issue 67 Summer 2011
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Andrea Frank

Photographer, Ports and Ships (2008)

Atlas, Gerhard Richter (2006) / The Photomontages of Hannah Höch, Peter Boswell, Maria Makela, Carolyn Lanchner (1996) / Karl Blossfeldt 1865 – 1932 Das Fotografische Werk, Karl Blossfeldt (1981)

I am interested in Richter’s artistic process, and the study and use of photography in relation to painting. Hannah Höch led an intense life in turbulent times and produced a body of work which works through political as well as psychological issues with great sensitivity and mastery. This Blossfeldt book or a similar edition in German is one of the earliest photography books I remember. I was so impressed by the plant studies that I did meticulous drawings from them.

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