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by Duncan Wooldridge

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Issue 67 Summer 2011
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Album, Hans-Peter Feldmann (2009) / The Last Picture Show, Douglas Fogle (2005) / Art and Photography, David Campany (2003)

For some time I have been interested in books which are introductory and set up a foundational narrative, whether as a standalone book, exhibition catalogue or artist’s project. The three books here are also forms of photographic anthology. One of the best introductory books continues to be David Campany’s Art and Photography which allows the images space to work on the page, whilst supplying them with valuable context. Like the catalogue for Douglas Fogle’s The Last Picture Show, Art and Photography comes with a trove of useful and rarely printed text. Hans-Peter Feldmann’s Album is just one example of his myriad photobooks: for me, as important as those of Ed Ruscha. Album is an incredible primer to how images are used in wider society: page after page of banal but comic catalogue photography in which we begin to see the photographs we usually look straight through.

Duncan Wooldridge

Curator, Anti-Photography (2011)

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