Photographic Scores
 Jez riley French

Source - Issue 85 - Spring - 2016 - Click for Contents

Issue 85 Spring 2016
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a single sheet of paper, possible outcomes 
a performance should involve an in-depth exploration
of no more than four elements
and should be performed in a space where
the sounds of the surrounding area are audible
and regarded as part of the score 
7 solo (from the czech scores) 
  Photographic Scores by Jez riley French

for one or more 
with instrument/s: audible lines, created 
without instrument/s: audible lines, perceived 
Score for Listening #37 
  Photographic Scores by Jez riley French

in a natural space: listen for an audible line, 
clear and subtle – it should be on the edge 
of all other sounds 
in an interior: with one window open, 
viewing the score, find yourself unaware of 
the passing of time 
matters of duration are left to the listener 
Score for Listening #10 
  Photographic Scores by Jez riley French

close to trees 
listen until the air blankets the sound of branches 
Score for Listening #35 
  Photographic Scores by Jez riley French

using a window as a lens for listening in an urban environment 
Score for Listening #26 
  Photographic Scores by Jez riley French

watching dusk, begin to feel the evening’s texture represented by sounds 
matters of duration are decided by one’s personal definition of dusk 
Score for Listening #17 
  Photographic Scores by Jez riley French

score #2 
  Photographic Scores by Jez riley French

the photographic score should be 
contemplated by all performers prior 
to the performance – the image is to 
provide a sense of texture for the 
singers to mirror 
vocal score (page 1) 
  Photographic Scores by Jez riley French

for any solo instrument or approach 
take each line as a ‘movement’ within the piece, 
play without a break 
but inserting quietudes within each movement 
where they arise intuitively 
estonia – photographic score #2 
  Photographic Scores by Jez riley French