Road Bowls in Armagh
'Road Bowls in Armagh' by Andrew Breakey was at St. Patrick's Trian, Armagh, 1996
Review by Brian Lynn

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Issue 9 Autumn 1996
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The documentary series, once the standard format of photojournalism in the 1950's and 1960's before its virtual demise due to television, is given new life in the show by Andrew Breakey at St. Patrick's Trian in Armagh. In a tightly edited selection of fifteen monochrome images he tells a story of the traditional country game of Bullets (or Road Bowls) which still survives in counties Cork and Armagh. By his discreet approach he has captured a selection of intimate studies which are never intrusive as his subjects always seem totally oblivious of his presence.

All the participants are here, from the contestants themselves to their managers , road guides and of course their supporters, whose main interest is gambling on the sport. From 'Choosing a Bowl' to 'The Winner and Loser' and 'The End of the Day' Breakey presents a detailed visual essay of all these characters who enact their drama over a three mile stretch of road on a typical Armagh Sunday afternoon.

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