This year we bring you a number of special bonus selections - chosen from the 2012 BA Submissions. We asked some of the Directors, from those courses who participated in 2012, to choose their favourite set of work. The only condition we set was that the work they chose had to be from a course other than their own.

Jim Hamlyn

Jim Hamlyn

Jim Hamlyn is a practicing artist based in Glasgow. In 2004 he set up the Photographic and Electronic Media BA (Hons) course at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen of which he is Subject Leader. He's also a regular blogger on the subjects of Art and Teaching.

Selected Photographer:

Beverley Cornwell

Beverley CornwellBeverley CornwellBeverley CornwellBeverley CornwellBeverley Cornwell

Selector's Comment: My toddler son is fascinated by animals at the moment: the four legged kind especially. He is so attuned to their characteristics that he often calls out "horsey" or "wuff wuff" long before anyone has even spotted the tell-tale outline in a rough-torn piece of bread or in a tiny illustration buried amongst a clamour of abstract shapes and colours. Such fascination with animals is surely universal - one that is expressed in the earliest cave paintings as well as in religious iconography and even the sounds and concepts that we use to communicate. Whether in reality or representation animals stare back at us in inscrutable silence. For millennia this mute incomprehensibility has provoked us, sometimes toward acts of celebration and veneration and sometimes towards acts of cruelty and invasive scrutiny. Beverley Cornwell's images talk of this paradoxical relationship of fascination and violence. They speak of hunting and of simulation, of brutality and deathly precision. And in this play of the real and the imagined they refer also to photography's transformation of the real into fiction, of representations into things of ardent fascination. And in those implacable shining surfaces, like eyes that stare back at us, we see only ourselves reflected.

Selection by James Hyman ▸ 
Director, James Hyman Photography, London.

Selection by Sean O'Hagan ▸ 
Writer on photography for The Guardian and The Observer.

Selection by Kirsten Lloyd ▸ 
Associate Curator, Stills, Edinburgh.

Selection by John Duncan ▸ 
Editor, Source Photographic Review.

Bonus Course Director Selections:

Selection by David Williams ▸ 
Course Leader, BA (Hons) Photography, Sheffield Hallam University.

Selection by Peter Neill ▸ 
Course Director, BA (Hons) Photography University of Ulster.

Selection by Tony Clancy ▸ 
Course Leader, BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography University of Gloucestershire.

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Barking and Dagenham College
BA (Hons) Photography

Blackpool and the Fylde College
BA (Hons) Photography

Mid Cheshire College
FDA Contemporary Photography

University of Chester
BA (Hons) Photography

De Montfort University
BA (Hons) Photography and Video

Dublin Institute of Technology
BA (Hons) Photography

IADT Dun Laoghaire
BA (Hons) Photography

Edinburgh College of Art
BA (Hons) Photography

Edinburgh Napier University
BA (Hons) Photography and Film

University College Falmouth
BA (Hons) Photography

University for the Creative Arts Farnham
BA (Hons) Photography

Glasgow School of Art
BA (Hons) Fine Art

University of Gloucestershire
BA (Hons) Fine Art - Photography

Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University
BA (Hons) Photographic and Electronic Media

Griffith College Dublin
BA Photographic Media (Part Time)

Hereford College of Arts, University of Wales
BA (Hons) Photography

University of Central Lancashire
BA (Hons) Photography

Leeds College of Art
BA (Hons) Photography

Liverpool John Moores University
BA (Hons) Photography

Manchester Metropolitan University
BA (Hons) Photography

The National College of Art & Design
Certificate in Photography and Digital Imaging

University of Wales, Newport
BA (Hons) Documentary Photography

University of Wales, Newport
BA (Hons) Photographic Art

University of Plymouth
BA (Hons) Photography

University of Portsmouth
BA (Hons) Photography

University of the West of Scotland
BA (Hons) Photography

Sheffield Hallam University
BA (Hons) Photography

Staffordshire University
BA (Hons) Photography

University of Ulster
BA (Hons) Photography

University of Westminster
BA (Hons) Photographic Arts

University of Wolverhampton
BA (Hons) Photography












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