SOURCE PHOTO: 02 / OCT / 2011
Posted by Richard West

London Art Book Fair 2011 

London Art Book Fair 2011 

The latest issue of Source contains a new section dedicated to reviewing self published books. Part of the challenge for this section will be finding out what has been published. Blurb, to name only the best known print on demand company, say they now have 11,907 books in the category ‘Fine Art Photography’ and many books will only appear on photographers websites or at photography festivals. We will welcome notice of new books (through an email: photobooks [at] and any recommendations.

To see if I could find any new photo books I went along to the London Art Books Fair. There I met Daniel Jewesbury (our self published book reviewer) and we compared notes on what we had seen. We also met a number of publishers, some artists, including, once again, the Artists' Books Cooperative. We had just reviewed a book by member of the Cooperative Mishka Henner (positively, fortunately, although he hadn't seen the review) so I asked him how the group had been set up and what his experience of self publishing had been so far.

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