SOURCE PHOTO: 12 / SEP / 2011
Posted by Richard West

Opening night at Hotshoe Gallery

Opening night at Hotshoe Gallery

Along to the opening night of Photobook London. A number of people there and a convivial atmosphere. Spoke to Julie Cook and Jonathan Lewis on the stand for the ABC collective. The group was started by Joachim Schmid, who according to Jonathan, spent two weeks looking through the books tagged 'art photography' on Blurb ('the worst two weeks of his life') to find other self publishers whose work he liked. Joachim has written for Source a number of times and produced some art market photography playing cards, as our subscription inserts, some years ago. As with his own work, a lot of group's books recycle found photographs, often from the web, like Mishka Henner's book No Man's Land (which we are reviewing in the next issue of Source).

Sian Bonnell was just back from the residency at the British School at Rome. She said her gallery Trace in Cornwall would be relaunching as the Black Box gallery and also something about a photobook research group, possibly something to do with David Chandler's MA in Photography and the Book at the University of Plymouth. Chris Coekin, fresh from the launch of his show in Wolverhampton was also going to be launching his book The Altogether (which we are also reviewing) on Sunday. "Not everyone can be discovered by Martin Parr" he said ruefully.

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