Issue 102 — Autumn 2020

beyond words

Source - Issue 102 - Autumn - 2020

  • News:
    Martin Parr Resignation / Reframed Network
  • Fashion: Lockdown Fashion
    Column by Joseph McBrinn
  • Talking Pictures
    When communication is difficult, photographs can provide the key to powerful conversations. A set of picture cards developed for use in care homes are designed to help give expression to subjects that would otherwise be hard to talk about.
    Feature by Caroline Green, Belinda Dewar and Tamsin MacBride — Photographs by Rachel Glass
  • Translating the Unsayable
    Sophie Besse is a theatre director and Jose Farinha a photographer. Together they produced a workshop for translators to help them find a visual expression for the experience of being a conduit for other people’s difficult conversation.
    Interview by Richard West
  • Flotsam: The Secondary Market in Photography
    Swann’s New York, Sale 2544, Lot 65, $1,170
    Column by Orla Fitzpatrick
  • What Type of Photographer Are You?
    Victoria Gibbs, Hotel Photographer
    As told to Richard West
  • Unusual Gestures
    New work by Lorraine Tuck
    Text by Gavin Murphy
  • An Unkindness of Ravens
    New work by Caire Maxfield
    Text by Jennifer Good
  • Retrospective: Clare Strand
    Clare Strand is an artist based in Brighton. A monograph about her work was published by Steidl in 2009 and this year she has been nominated for the Deutsche Börse Prize.
    Interview by Lucy Soutter
  • New work by Oana Stanciu
    Text by Nora Labo
  • In Transit
    Curated by Peggy Sue Amison
    6 March – 20 September Crawford Art Gallery, Cork.
    Exhibition Review by Nora Labo
  • Against the Light
    Jan Svoboda
    21 February – 20 September, The Photographers’ Gallery.
    Exhibition Review by Paula Gortázar
  • Love’s Fire Song
    Enda Bowe
    8 August – 18 October, Gallery of Photography Ireland.
    Exhibition Review by Colin Graham
  • Balthasar Burkhard
    Steidl / 978-3-95829-342-7 / €48
    Book Review by Jonathan Long
  • Belgian Colonial Monuments
    Jan Kempenaers
    Roma / 978-9492-8115-09 / €24
    Leopold’s Legacy
    Oliver Leu
    The Eriskay Connection / 978-94-92051-51-6 / €25
    Book Review by Gabriella Nugent
  • The Instant and Its Shadow
    Jean-Christophe Bailly
    Fordham University Press / 978-08232874-44 / $25
    Photography and Its Shadow
    Hagi Kenaan
    Stanford University Press / 978-15036113-75 / $24
    Book Review by Edward Welch
  • Chroma
    John Divola
    Skinnerboox / 978-88-94895-33-9 / €35
    Book Review by Daniel Jewesbury
  • How I Make Photographs
    Joel Meyerowitz
    Laurence King / 978-1-78627-580-6 / £14.99
    China Dream
    Teresa Eng
    Skinnerboox / 978-88-94895-28-5 / €45
    Book Review by Catherine Grant
  • Suburban Herbarium
    William Arnold
    Uniform Books / 978-1-910010-23-5 / £14
    Co-illusion: Dispatches from the End of Communication
    David Levi Strauss, Susan Meiselas & Peter van Agtmael
    MIT Press / 978-0262-0435-40 / £32
    Book Review by Nancy Roth
  • Self-Published Books:
    The Second Shift
    Clare Gallagher
    Five Stories of Loss
    Simon Bray
    Rohit Saha
    La Identitad
    Uxio la Vila
    The Kindness of One
    Margaret Lansink
    A les 8 al Bar Eusebi
    Salvi Danés
    Reviewed by Colin Pantall
  • Snapshot Stories: Visuality, Photography, and the Social History of Ireland
    Erika Hanna
    Oxford University Press / 978-01988-230-32 / £60
    Book Review by Justin Carville
  • The View From Elsewhere:
    Andy Wiener, Psychiatrist