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Baker, Stephen Feature 64 Staged England
Barnes, Martin Feature 27 Archive England
Barrada, Yto Book Review 68 Documentary France
Batchen, Geoffrey Book Review 67 Publishing England
Batchen, Geoffrey Book Review 27 Historical England
Bate, David Feature 95 Photojournalism England
Baylis, Gail Feature 87 Staged Wales
Bellingham, David Interview 14 Landscape England
Bennett, Melissa Review 99 Documentary England
Berges, Laurenz Book Review 27 Documentary Germany
Beshty, Walead Book Review 68 Conceptual USA
Bolland, Mark Feature 55 Archive England
Born, Dorothea Feature 99 Environmental Austria
Bourke, Joanna Feature 97 Archive New Zealand
Brett, David Feature 21 Documentary Northern Ireland
Brett, David Feature 68 Staged Northern Ireland
Brett, David Feature 67 Religious Northern Ireland
Brittain, David Feature 28 Institutional Scotland
Brittain, David Feature 31 Historical Scotland
Brittain, David Interview 60 Portraiture Scotland
Brown, Michael Feature 25 Social Northern Ireland
Bruhns, Martin Feature 33 Social Northern Ireland
Büchler, Pavel Review 50 Documentary Czech Republic
Büchler, Pavel Review 51 Conceptual Czech Republic
Büchler, Pavel Book Review 57 Documentary Czech Republic
Büchler, Pavel Feature 66 Political Czech Republic
Bull, Stephen Review 30 Documentary England
Bull, Stephen Book Review 9 Photomontage England
Bull, Stephen Review 12 Portraiture England
Bull, Stephen Review 67 Architectural England
Bull, Stephen Review 66 Multi-Genre England
Bull, Stephen Feature 67 Publishing England