Bonus 2016

As part of the warm-up for Graduate Photography Online 2017 we bring you these special bonus selections - chosen from the work submitted for Graduate Photography Online 2016.

We asked course leaders and directors from the universities who participated in 2016 to choose their three favourite sets of work from the 2016 submissions. The only condition we set was that the work they chose had to be from a course other than their own.

Hamish Gane


Our next selection is provided by Hamish Gane, programme director for the BA (Hons) Photography in the Arts course at Swansea College of Art at University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

Hamish formally worked as a lighting designer with companies such as the Royal Ballet and Channel 4 Television, He acquired his BA with 1st Class Honours in 2000 and MA with Distinction in 2003. Hamish's practice-based PhD entitled: Photography, Melancholy, Family: Spaces Beyond Representation, was awarded in 2013. His photographic practice draws on ideas surrounding family, memory and melancholia and his work has been exhibited widely, most notably in Diffusion, Cardiff International Photography Festival (2013) and Apron, a solo exhibition at Mission Gallery, Swansea (2005).

Hamish's Selected Photographers:

Bath Spa University - BA (Hons) Photography

Benjamin JonesBenjamin JonesBenjamin JonesBenjamin JonesBenjamin JonesBenjamin JonesBenjamin JonesBenjamin Jones

Selector's Comment: Benjamin Jones's images initially caught my eye as they appear to resist traditional photographic picture-making conventions, and I was curious about his intentions and his expectations for the reception of the work. On further investigation, it's clear that Jones is engaged in a practice that sets out to challenge assumptions and ask questions relating to photography, veracity and indexicality. These large-scale diptychs work on a number of levels - alluding to aerial reconnaissance, cartography, alchemy - and dust.

Falmouth University - BA (Hons) Photography

Malaika  IbreckMalaika  IbreckMalaika  IbreckMalaika  IbreckMalaika  IbreckMalaika  IbreckMalaika  IbreckMalaika  Ibreck

Selector's Comment: Ibreck's work immediately stood out to me for its vibrancy and intensity. The combination of photography, drawing and text - with inverted imagery and manic doodling - works to create atmospheric perspectives on the world seen through her eyes. An escape from the shackles of formality and control - in celebration of the chaos of contemporary life.

University of Portsmouth - BA (Hons) Photography

Cristian JurjiCristian JurjiCristian JurjiCristian JurjiCristian JurjiCristian JurjiCristian JurjiCristian Jurji

Selector's Comment: Jurji's series 'Thin Layers of Skin' combines multiple references and various photographic techniques to ask questions about mortality, particularly our relationship to technology and corporeality in the contemporary world. I'm intrigued that I'm not always sure what I'm looking at. The allusion to computer generated imagery via constructed sets and documentary photographs presents an articulate, challenging - yet sophisticated - visual inquiry.

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