Bonus 2016

As part of the warm-up for Graduate Photography Online 2017 we bring you these special bonus selections - chosen from the work submitted for Graduate Photography Online 2016.

We asked course leaders and directors from the universities who participated in 2016 to choose their three favourite sets of work from the 2016 submissions. The only condition we set was that the work they chose had to be from a course other than their own.

Michelle Sank


The next of our selections is provided by Michelle Sank, Senior Lecturer for the BA (Hons) Photography course at Falmouth University.

Michelle was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She left there in 1978 and has been living in England since 1987. Her photographic work reflects a preoccupation with the human condition and to this end can be viewed as social documentary. Her work encompasses issues around social and cultural diversity. Her research interests encompass portrait photography, street work and social documentary.

Michelle's Selected Photographers:

University of Brighton - BA (Hons) Photography

Matthew BroadheadMatthew BroadheadMatthew BroadheadMatthew BroadheadMatthew BroadheadMatthew BroadheadMatthew Broadhead

Selector's Comment: What drew me to this project was the clarity of the image making, both in terms of content and through the use of photographic language. The use of black and white and the introduction of colour, the strong use and control of light and the tightness of the construct within the frame. The images are all strong in their own right, but the way they interrelate to create a sense of both reality and surrealism in relation to the concept is something I really enjoyed.

University of the West of England - BA (Hons) Photography

Isabella TullochIsabella TullochIsabella TullochIsabella TullochIsabella TullochIsabella TullochIsabella TullochIsabella Tulloch

Selector's Comment: I found this series strong in terms of its sensitivity and subtleness around this theme. The contemplative nature of the imagery is achieved both through the metaphorical content and the gentle light that is used throughout - rendering the images with a sense of fragility that is so pertinent to the subject matter. There is a strong sense of narrative that is open to interpretation in each of the images. It is as if each moment has been suspended in time, from this I experience a sense of stoppage and memories of both loss and anticipation.

Arts University Bournemouth - BA (Hons) Photography

Chloe ParkesChloe ParkesChloe Parkes

Selector's Comment: In this series, I enjoyed how the sharp construction of the image making and the lighting choice merge so well with the concept in illustrating clearly the science fiction aspect to the work. There is an element of controlled performance in the imagery that is somewhat robotic and futuristic. The images sit between being plausible and humorous at the same time and I find this element of intrigue to be enticing as a viewer. The obsession with technology in our society today is something that resonates with this work as well.

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