Bonus 2016

As part of the warm-up for Graduate Photography Online 2017 we bring you these special bonus selections - chosen from the work submitted for Graduate Photography Online 2016.

We asked course leaders and directors from the universities who participated in 2016 to choose their three favourite sets of work from the 2016 submissions. The only condition we set was that the work they chose had to be from a course other than their own.

Stephen Bull


The next of our selections is provided by Stephen Bull, Writer, Artist, Senior Lecturer & Course Leader for the BA (Hons) Photography course at The University of Brighton.

Stephen has taught photography in Higher Education full time since 2000 and has been a visiting lecturer at many universities and galleries, as well as contributing to conferences. He has also run courses at Tate Modern. In his practice as a writer and artist, his key areas of research are snapshots and celebrity, and especially selfies with celebrities. He is also fascinated by the digital creation of photographs on mobile phones and their dissemination via social media. As an artist, he applies the technique of ‘found photography’, where he uses photographs that already exist, selecting and re-presenting them to find new meanings in the pictures.

Stephen's Selected Photographers:

Ulster University Belfast - BA (Hons) Photography

Mary HamillMary HamillMary HamillMary HamillMary Hamill

Selector's Comment: 'Augustus Semper' is not the garden of tulips that it might first appear to be. Making visible to those who may not wish, care or dare to look, Hamill's series of used tampons is simultaneously abject and aesthetically pleasing.

Swansea College of Art, UWTSD - BA (Hons) Photography in the Arts

Aimee MaeAimee MaeAimee MaeAimee MaeAimee MaeAimee MaeAimee MaeAimee Mae

Selector's Comment: Apparently consisting of snapshots taken during her own nights out, and out of it, Mae's untitled series is an honest portrayal of living for oblivion. 'I drink like tomorrow doesn't exist', Mae writes. Her photographs, scratched and sometimes obscured by blurred fingertips, hazily record the night before the day before tomorrow.

Sheffield Hallam University - BA (Hons) Photography

Calvin MerryCalvin MerryCalvin MerryCalvin MerryCalvin MerryCalvin MerryCalvin MerryCalvin Merry

Selector's Comment: Hands stamped by bouncers join together, and hairy, freckled arms embrace in Merry's 'No Homo'. His brightly coloured close-ups, with hints of the lights of nightclubs, show us men showing affection for each other. The series takes a boldly simple approach to a complicated form of social interaction.

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