Image by Eden May
Graduate Photography Online 2023

What You Need to do Next

Graduate Photography Online is open to any BA, MA or MFA photography course in the UK or Ireland and any student can reserve a place for their year group:

  1. Select a lead student and get them to book your year group's place by emailing: You must have at least 5 students initially and you can confirm the exact number in April for BA Phase or August for MA/MFA Phase. The lead student will be the contact person between your group and Source.
  2. We will confirm the course's space is booked via email. In April (for BA Phase) or August (for MA/MFA Phase) we will contact the lead student with a reminder and login details for the online submission facility.
  3. The Lead Student will be responsible for gathering and loading their year group's images and text onto our server and for making a single payment for the group online via their Paypal account. The upload process is straightforward and support is on hand from Source staff if required.
  4. The lead student should let fellow students know what is needed from them and what the final deadline is. We suggest gathering all the material together a week in advance.
  5. The lead student will then submit all the material - using Source's online submission facility - within the given dates.

Submission Deadlines

BA Submission Deadline:
12th May 2024
MA/MFA Submission Deadline:
6th August 2024