Image by Eden May
Graduate Photography Online 2023

Format for Submission

The Lead Student will gather the following from each participating Student:

  1. (Required) Eight images saved as jpegs, 72 DPI and 1024 pixels along their longest edge. All jepgs should be saved in sRGB colour profile. We cannot accept moving image files. Note: the Student may submit less than eight images if they wish. If the Student's work is made to be shown in a gallery we would recommend that one of the eight images be an installation shot. This is to show the scale of the work and how it is presented.
  2. (Required) A 120 word statement about their work.
  3. (Required) Each student must specify which one of the following six categories best describes the work they are submitting - only one category may be selected per student:
    • Documentary/Photojournalism
    • Commercial/Fashion
    • Landscape
    • Portraiture
    • Staged/Constructed
    • Urban/Suburban Landscape
  4. (Required) Personal email address. This email address needs to remain valid after the Student has graduated.
  5. (Optional) Personal website address.
  6. (Required) Payment of £33 per student for UK based courses / €38 per student for courses based in Republic of Ireland. Note: the Lead Student will gather all the individual payments and then make a one-off payment to Source on behalf of their class.

Submission Deadlines

BA Submission Deadline:
12th May 2024
MA/MFA Submission Deadline:
6th August 2024