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The winter 2016 issue of Source is all about Photobooks. What is the greatest ever photobook? We have conducted an international poll to discover the answer to this question, asking photographers, publishers, critics, booksellers, collectors and others to nominate their favourite books of all time. You can see additional analysis in the magazine but here are the results including the comments and selections of every nominator.

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Photobook Poll Results - P:

Martin Parr

Photographer, collector and co-author of The Photobook: A History, Vols 1-3, UK

Moriyama Daido, Farewell Photography, 1972.

Robert Frank, The Americans, 1959.

William Klein, New York, 1956.

Nan Goldin, Ballad of Sexual Dependency, 1986.

Takuma Nakahira, For a Language to Come, 1970.

Claudia Andujar, Amazonia, 1978.

William Eggleston, William Eggleston's Guide, 1976.

Garry Winogrand, Public Relations, 1977.

Chris Killip, In Flagrante, 1988.

Viviane Sassen, Flamboya, 2008.

Tommaso Parrillo

Publisher, Witty Kiwi Books, Italy

Federico Clavarino, Italia o Italia, 2014.

Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza, Atem, 2015.

Cristina De Middel, The Afronauts, 2012.

Rinko Kawauchi, Illuminance, 2011.

Vittorio Mortarotti, First day of good Weather, 2015.

Kazuma Obara, Silent Histories, 2015.

Salvi Danes, Transmontanus, 2014.

Mark cohen, Dark knees, 2014.

Martin Gusinde, L'esprit des hommes de la Terre de Feu, 2015.

Bryan Schutmaat & Ashlyn Davis, Islands of the Blest, 2014.

Paolo Pellegrin

Photographer, Italy

Robert Frank, The Americans, 1959.

William Klein, New York, 1956.

Josef Koudelka, Gypsies, 1992.

Sergio Larrain, Valparaiso, 1991.

Giles Peress, Telex: Iran, 1997.

Henri Cartier Bresson, The Decisive Moment, 1952.

Ed Van Der Elsken, Love on the Left Bank, 1956.

James Agee and Walker Evans, Let us now praise famous men, 1941.

Daido Moriyama, Memories of a dog, 1984.

Kikuji Kawada, The Map, 1965.

Here, from the top of my head, a list of books that have been important for me over the years. There's obviously a ton more but I would say these are all important.

Ramon Pez

Designer, Spain

Ed Ruscha, Every Building on the Sunset Strip, 1966.

Christian Boltanski, Inventaire des objets ayant appartenu à une femme de Bois-Colombes, 1974.

John Gossage, Stadt des Schwarz (City of Black). Eighteen Photographs of Berlin, 1987.

Valerio Spada, Gomorrah Girl, 2011.

Thomas Sauvin, Until Death Do Us Part, 2015.

Miguel Calderón, Miguel Calderón, 2007.

Paolo Gasparini, Retromundo, 1986.

Erik Kessels, In Almost Every Picture #9, 2010.

Michael Schmidt, Lebensmittel, 2012.

David Galjaard, Concresco, 2012.

An incomplete list of the Photobooks that I like.

Sandra Phillips

Curator Emerita of Photography, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA

Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel, Evidence, 1977.

Robert Adams, Los Angeles Spring, 1986.

Walker Evans, American Photographs, 1938.

Robert Frank, The Americans, 1959.

Lee Friedlander, Self Portrait, 1970.

Chauncey Hare, Interior America, 1978.

Daido Moriyama, Farewell Photography, 1972.

Edward Weston, Fifty Photographs, 1947.

Shomei Tomatsu, 11:52, Nagasaki, 1966.

Wright Morris, The Home Place, 1948.

Photographers' Gallery Bookshop

Booksellers John, Martin & Joe, The Photographers' Gallery, UK

László Moholy-Nagy, 60 fotos, 1930.

William Klein, Life is Good & Good for You in New York, 1956.

Takuma Nakahira, For a Language to Come, 1970.

Daido Moriyama, Farewell Photography, 1972.

Michael Schmidt, Waffenruhe, 1987.

Bernd & Hiller Becher, Framework Houses of the Siegen Industrial Region, 1977.

Batia Suter, Parallel Encyclopedia, 2007.

Jochen Lempert, Drift, 2010.

Stephen Gill, Coexistence, 2012.

Ron Jude, Lick Creek Line, 2012.

Max Pinckers

Photographer, Belgium

Dirk Braeckman, z. Z. (t). Volume II, 2001.

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, War Primer 2, 2011.

Edmund Clark and Crofton Black, Negative Publicity: Artefacts of Extraordinary Rendition, 2016.

Robert Knoth & Antoinette de Jong, Poppy: Trails of Afghan Heroin, 2012.

Richard Mosse, The Enclave, 2013.

Gerhard Richter, Atlas, 2015.

Wolfgang Tillmans, Neue Welt, 2012.

Alec Soth, Broken Manual, 2010.

Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel, Evidence, 1977.

Roy Villevoye, Detours, 2008.

Damien Poulain

Designer and publisher, Oodee Books, France

Ed Ruscha, Twentysix Gasoline Stations, 1963.

Geert van Kesteren, Why Mister Why, 2005.

Masahisa Fukase, Ravens, 1986.

Ryan McGinley, The Kids are Alright, 2000.

Nobuyoshi Araki, Sentimental Journey, 1972.

Nan Goldin, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, 1986.

Collier Schorr, Jens F, 2005.

Clare Richardson, Harlemville, 2003.

Viviane Sassen, Flamboya, 2008.

Mitch Epstein, New York Arbor, 2013.

Mark Power

Photographer, UK

Masahisa Fukase, Ravens, 1986.

Robert Frank, The Americans, 1959.

Jim Goldberg, Raised by Wolves, 1995.

Kikuji Kawada, The Map, 1965.

Chris Killip, In Flagrante, 1988.

Daido Moriyama, Farewell Photography, 1972.

Gilles Peress, Telex Iran, 1984.

Michael Schmidt, Waffenruhe, 1987.

Joel Sternfeld, American Prospects, 1987.

Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel, Evidence, 1977.

It was (as you knew it would be) incredibly difficult. I wrestled with leaving out Walker Evans' American Photographs, Stephen Shore's Uncommon Places, Martin Parr's The Last Resort, Paul Graham's a shimmer of possibility and William Eggleston's Guide... among others. But in the end my selection represents the great books I look at more than other great books. I'm disturbed that there are no women on my list (Diane Arbus's Diane Arbus and Germaine Krull's Metal were mighty close) but I'll stick with what I have.

Browse Photobook Poll Results:

(indexed by voter name)