Books Made Me
by David Farrell

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Issue 67 Summer 2011
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David Farrell

Photographer, Innocent Landscapes (2001)

Exiles, Josef Koudelka (1988) / The Lines of My HandRobert Frank (1972) / Waffenruhe, Michael Schmidt (1987) / New Europe, Paul Graham (1992)

Exiles by Koudelka for its wandering eye, poetic documents and narrative structure. The Lines of My Hand by Frank for its aching sadness. Waffenruhe by Schmidt for its conceptual silvery greyness and New Europe by Graham for its coloured ambition.

Living on an island that received few international exhibitions and possibly even fewer national, my education in photography came primarily through the photo book. There are other books that I might bring to a Desert Island but on mature recollection and given that as a photographer I don’t do math beyond thinking that 36 exposures is an infinite number, these are three books that influenced me.

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