Interviewed by Richard West
Location: Artist's home, Somerset
Date: June 2012

Trish Morrissey (Portrait by Pete Boyd)

Trish Morrissey (Portrait by Pete Boyd)

Chapter 1:

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Chapter 1 Synopsis:

  • Grows up in North side of Dublin.
  • Parents work in civil service.
  • Has four siblings, two brothers and sisters.
  • Not a particularly happy child, hated school.
  • Education very important for parents but least academic of siblings.
  • Art education very traditional in Ireland.
  • Considers herself a photographer rather than an artist.
  • Wanted to be a writer so got a job at the Independent (Dublin newspaper) in photography department.
  • Read books in the Gallery of Photography, especially Diane Arbus.
  • This was first realization that photography could be used to communicate ideas.

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