Interviewed by Richard West
Location: Artist's home, Newtownards, County Down
Date: March 2006

Still taken from: 'Sandy Row' by Peter O'Doherty

Still taken from: 'Sandy Row' by Peter O'Doherty

Chapter 2:

(Chapter 2 of 15, Running Time: 00:09:13)

Chapter 2 Synopsis:

  • Vivid Memories of Air Raid on Newtownards.
  • Taken to Hills on Donaghadee Road for safety.
  • Witnesses Aerial Dogfight by night - Aged 4.
  • Develops a sense of estrangement from the town.
  • Immersed himself in Rupert books as a way of avoiding trauma.
  • Lived opposite an Army Base for Welsh & American troops.
  • Father was in the Home Guard.
  • Anxious at School - didn't like Teachers or Schoolmates.
  • Aged 10 or 12 told by an Uncle that his Mother had a breakdown while carrying him.
  • Didn't feel good in his young life.
  • Mother dies of TB in 1948.
  • Three years later Father dies, also of TB.
  • Aged 14 makes a resolution not to end up with TB.
  • Becomes an obsessional cyclist - very competitive.
  • Aged 34 diagnosed with TB - has a kidney removed.
  • Attributes his survival to cycling.

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