Interviewed by Richard West
Location: Artist's home, Newtownards, County Down
Date: March 2006

Still taken from: 'Sandy Row' by Peter O'Doherty

Still taken from: 'Sandy Row' by Peter O'Doherty

Chapter 3:

(Chapter 3 of 15, Running Time: 00:08:19)

Chapter 3 Synopsis:

  • Illness continually present - became dulled to death.
  • Father chose not to take treatment.
  • Happy memories of reading Beano and Dandy.
  • Grandfather had died prior to Father's death.
  • He and his sister end up living with Grandmother.
  • The Shop was abandoned by this stage.
  • A portion of Grandfather's collection went to Ulster Museum and Dublin Museum.
  • Vivid memory of Grandfather's mealtime ritual - he would study a picture while he ate.
  • Attributes interest in books to his Grandfather's book collection.
  • Years later learns how his Grandfather's find of a bronze horses bit allowed historians to a identify a common metal working technology that stretched as far as Yugoslavia.
  • Finally came to appreciate his Grandfather.

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