Interviewed by Richard West
Location: Artist's home, Newtownards, County Down
Date: March 2006

Still taken from: 'Sandy Row' by Peter O'Doherty

Still taken from: 'Sandy Row' by Peter O'Doherty

Chapter 11:

(Chapter 11 of 15, Running Time: 00:09:30)

Chapter 11 Synopsis:

  • Experiences problems with boss at new job.
  • Arrives drunk at work one morning and is subsequently given the sack.
  • Colleague Martin Nangle photographs aftermath of the funeral on the Lower Falls and is subsequently forced to leave Northern Ireland.
  • Unemployed again, starts 7 month job in Stranmillis Training College.
  • Applies for David Lavery's job at Tourist Board.
  • Ends up working at the Tourist Board for 18 years.
  • Taking photographs for the Tourist Board has implications for socialist orientated aesthetic.
  • Takes some of his best photographs during this period.

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