Interviewed by Richard West
Location: Artist's home, Newtownards, County Down
Date: March 2006

Still taken from: 'Sandy Row' by Peter O'Doherty

Still taken from: 'Sandy Row' by Peter O'Doherty

Chapter 15:

(Chapter 15 of 15, Running Time: 00:08:54)

Chapter 15 Synopsis:

  • Disappointed other Photoworks North objectives fell by wayside.
  • Leaves Tourist Board in September 1995.
  • Doesn't experience the excitement of finding images as he once did.
  • Thinks a lot about Eggleston and whether everything has an equal right to be represented.
  • Most proud of those pictures which didn't exploit people.
  • Still gets occassional requests for his work - drinks company wanted to use the cover image from 'Images of Belfast'.
  • Conscious that the material he produced in the early days of the troubles was different from the images that were being reproduced in the media - removed from the immediacy of the violence.
  • Would like to create a series of surreal images - like the image of woman in the bush on Anne Street.

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