Interviewed by Richard West
Location: Artist's home, Newtownards, County Down
Date: March 2006

Still taken from: 'Sandy Row' by Peter O'Doherty

Still taken from: 'Sandy Row' by Peter O'Doherty

Chapter 6:

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Chapter 6 Synopsis:

  • Sectarianism becoming more evident by the '60s.
  • Tensions more evident in Belfast than in Newtownards.
  • Photographs Lower Falls, Pound Loaning, Shankhill and Sandy Row with Dave Scott.
  • Got a job photographing Sandy Row for 'Building Design Partnership' using rising front lens (1973-74).
  • Found to have TB after long months of testing - spent 6 months in hospital.
  • Starts three year course at Art College.
  • Gets two-man show with Arthur Watson - 'Ulster Photographs' - after Walker Evans' American Photographs.
  • Married by this time - first child born in '57.
  • Sale of property (left by Grandfather) helps ease finincial strain caused by study.
  • Heightened tensions, Loyalist gun manufacturing, Gusty Spence convicted (1966), killings in Malvern Street (1969).
  • Bombay Street Burnings in '69 - signal arrival of bad times.

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