Interviewed by Richard West
Location: Artist's home, Belfast
Date: February 2014

Still taken from: 'Art of the Troubles - Mary McIntyre'

Still taken from: 'Art of the Troubles - Mary McIntyre'

Chapter 6:

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Chapter 6 Synopsis:

  • Another artist spoke about whether or not to make work about the Troubles.
  • Thinks some recent work eg. of fog is implicitly about that atmosphere.
  • Couldn't deal with the Troubles 'head on'.
  • The context of the Troubles created some unusual situations.
  • Was interested in Surrealism and Dada.
  • Describes slide-tape installation and how it functioned.
  • Recently impressed by work seen on slide in Barcelona.
  • University was good, had interesting lecturers and fellow students.
  • Today students don't even look like arts students.
  • Was a lot going on when she was a student.

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