Interviewed by Richard West
Location: Artist's home, Belfast
Date: February 2014

Still taken from: 'Art of the Troubles - Mary McIntyre'

Still taken from: 'Art of the Troubles - Mary McIntyre'

Chapter 11:

(Chapter 11 of 19, Running Time: 00:10:38)

Chapter 11 Synopsis:

  • Started taking photographs of empty interiors.
  • First photographed furniture as a stand-in for the human figure.
  • Started to go into institutional spaces: town halls, schools, churches.
  • Instead of constructing images was noticing things and then photographing them.
  • Noticed potential photographs from familiar surroundings.
  • She's not just photographing the room but the atmosphere.
  • Compares sense of atmosphere to scene in The Shining.
  • Once photographed these spaces exist in a parallel universe.

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