Interviewed by Richard West
Location: Artist's home, Belfast
Date: February 2014

Still taken from: 'Art of the Troubles - Mary McIntyre'

Still taken from: 'Art of the Troubles - Mary McIntyre'

Chapter 9:

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Chapter 9 Synopsis:

  • Didn't want to be pigeonholed or fit into others agendas.
  • Had exhausted interest in female appearance.
  • Is very interested in clothing and fashion and this had led to work.
  • Was in many shows to do with female art practice.
  • Wanted work to be seen in a more universal way.
  • Work was about exterior appearance versus inner life.
  • Felt events she was invited to were exclusive and prescriptive.
  • Were few commercial opportunities for artists in Belfast.
  • She just wanted to make and exhibit work.
  • Saw herself as artist using photography.

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